User-friendly and free of charge VAMPSET software has been designed for setting parameters and configuring relays and is suitable for the entire VAMP range of protection relays, VAMP 321 arc flash protection unit and measuring and monitoring units. This indispensible setting and configuration tool allows relay parameters, configurations and recorded data to be exchanged between a computer and a VAMP relay using various communication cables. VAMP 40 and 200 series require a special RS cable (VX-003) and VAMP 321 and 50 series require a standard USB cable, type B (VX052-3). The VAMPSET software supports TCP/IP communication too, via an optional 10Base-T connection. Recorded data will also include waveforms and trends should a network fault occur. VAMPSET is multilingual and runs with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, 98 and 95.

VAMPSET handles the relay settings as documents, vef-files. Settings of one physical device are considered as one document. Documents can be read from the relay and transferred between similar relays. Documents can also be saved to the computer hard drive, and later loaded back to the relay using VAMPSET.
The VAMPSET software is future-proof, supporting forthcoming updates and new VAMP products.



VVAMPSET-EN-M-A007.pdf | pdf | 5.2 MB | Last Changed: 22/03/2018 1:23pm


VAMPSET - Access levels and passwords

ANPL.EN002-Access-levels-and-passwords.pdf | pdf | 42 KB | Last Changed: 21/10/2014 9:40am


V321 VAMPSET examples | zip | 172 KB | Last Changed: 23/10/2014 2:35pm


VAMPSET Setting Tool v2.2.205 | zip | 4.5 MB | Last Changed: 30/11/2018 3:49pm

VAMPSET Setting Tool v2.2.205

VAMP range - Language change to Russian

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VAMP range - Language change to Russian

Russian language files for relays | zip | 553 KB | Last Changed: 01/04/2015 1:13pm

Russian language files for relays