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The Vamp 300 IED is modular and fully supervised unit that can be adapted for a wide range of applications. Free-of-charge Vampset relay management software ensures easy commissioning, configuration and system maintenance.


The Vamp 300 series IED is based on the proven technology of Vamp protection relays and arc flash protection systems. Its modular design also allows you to add functionalities to existing systems, thus extending the investment life. Optional fibre or point sensor interface enable less than 2 ms operation time for arc protection.


The modularity of the VAMP 300 IED also allows a wide selection of communication protocols, including IEC 61850, Profibus DP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, DNP 3.0, DeviceNet, IEC 60870-5-101, 60870-5-103, DNP TCP, IEC 60870-5-101 TCP and SPA-Bus.


V300T Manual

V300T-M-EN-A005.pdf | pdf | 17 MB | Last Changed: 22/03/2018 1:24pm


V300T VAMPSET examples

V300T-VAMPSET-examples.zip | zip | 906 KB | Last Changed: 06/07/2016 1:01pm

V300T - VAMPSET examples

V300 Series - HMI alarm list

AN300.EN002-VAMP-300-series-HMI-alarm-list.pdf | pdf | 222 KB | Last Changed: 20/10/2014 9:19am


VAMP 300 Användargränssnitt

VAMP-300-user-interface-instructions-SE.pdf | pdf | 274 KB | Last Changed: 19/03/2015 3:52pm

VAMP 300 Användargränssnitt

V300T Ordering code

VTD300T.EN-2.14.pdf | pdf | 40 KB | Last Changed: 10/04/2017 2:51pm


V300T Brochure

VAMP-300T-NRJED115700EN-05-2017-lores-web.pdf | pdf | 13 MB | Last Changed: 24/05/2017 2:29pm