VAMP 11F is a basic numerical relay that provides reliable and effective overcurrent protection with automation, control and measurement functions. It may be applied to all low voltage or medium voltage applications as a primary or back-up protection device. Many selectable options embedded in the relay offer a high level of flexibility in terms of application and maintenance. CT ratio, communication protocol, HMI language are all selectable in the menu. Moreover, 5 relay models are used to accommodate specific applications and operating conditions. This approach optimises the protection to the requirements and prevents wasted functionality and cost. A unique list of only 18 model variants (type designations) cover all models, earth fault current setting range, auxiliary power supply options, meaning that ordering and storage is simplified for ease of use. Switchable serial communication (IEC 60870-5-103 or Modbus) allows the device to connect to almost any kind of SCADA system. A front USB port and multilingual HMI makes Vamp 11F user-friendly with reduced maintenance costs. VAMP 11 series is housed in a standard flush mounting case which can be complemented by two optional accessories: a wall mounting adaptor and a secure front cover to prevent unauthorised access.

Thanks to 5 different models, VAMP 11F is tailored to application and budget. The simplest model L is a perfect choice for retrofit of older technology devices. Model N can be used as a primary or back-up protection in LV or MV substations for basic current applications with communication to SCADA. VAMP 11F model B is perfectly suited to industrial or commercial sites with medium voltage supply as a cost optimized protection for feeder, incomer or transformer. For more advanced schemes, VAMP 11F model A is proposed. Covering all features of model B, it’s comprises additionally inrush blocking function and in-built circuit breaker and trip circuit supervision. Moreover it can store 4 sec of disturbance records. The highest VAMP 11F model E covers all functionalities of model A and additionally provides in-built negative sequence overcurrent protection, broken conductor detection and 4 shot auto-reclose function. That makes it suitable for feeder protection of overhead lines. If there is a need of reliable back-up protection in medium voltage, VAMP 11F model E will provide required functionality and performance and will keep the budget healthy.


V11 series LED description template

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V11 series LED description template

V11F brochure EN

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V11F brochure RU

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V11F Quick Start Guide

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V11F User Manual

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V11 series dimensional drawing and panel cut-out

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V11F Connection diagrams

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V11F Connection diagrams