V11 series


Schneider Electric is pleased to announce a new series of Protection Relays called VAMP 11. VAMP 11 is one of the latest additions to the VAMP range, which has always been strongly linked to flexible and easy-to-use protection relays.

VAMP 11 inherits and will eventually take over the well known MiCOM Px11 Series. With attention to simplicity and cost effectiveness, the new VAMP 11 Series will become the reference for the most efficient devices for standard protection applications. This new series will launch with voltage and frequency protection named VAMP 11V, and will soon make available Feeder Protection and Motor Protection relays taken from the MiCOM Px11 Series.
VAMP 11 product range is tailored to user's needs. It has been designed to meet basic protection & control requirements of a number of low and medium voltage networks including feeder, voltage and frequency and motor applications. The relays offer a variety of protection functions in a model breakdown. This approach optimises the protection to the requirements and prevents wasted functionality and cost.  Many selectable options embedded in the relay offer a high level of flexibility in terms of application and maintenance. VAMP 11 series provides a full set of measurement functions which are available remotely or locally thru front USB port. The relays can be connected to any type of SCADA system using serial IEC 60870-5-103 or Modbus communication protocols.

Vamp 11 Series is not only easy-to-use but also easy to order. Need a relay fast?  No problem, you can now get Vamp 11 Series with a short delivery time, available from a centralised stock centre.


V11 series LED description template

V11-series-LED-description-template.xlsx | xlsx | 15 KB | Last Changed: 03/12/2015 3:38pm

V11 series LED description template

V11 series dimensional drawing and panel cut-out

V11x-dimensional-drawing-panel-cut-out-all-models.pdf | pdf | 18 KB | Last Changed: 03/12/2015 4:16pm


Vamp relays - Dielectric tests during installation and commissioning

ANGEN.EN019-Dielectric-tests-during-installation-and-commissioning-of-VAMP-protection-relays.pdf | pdf | 450 KB | Last Changed: 26/05/2016 9:32am