Arc Flash Protection

Schneider Electric’s VAMP range is a pioneer in the field of arc protection with close to 10,000 systems in service world-wide, ranging from single protection units to multi-zone arc flash systems.
An arc flash is a mass of heat and pressure caused by a switchgear fault, not only does it cause power outages but it can also result in loss of business, extensive material damage and can seriously jeopardise the safety of operational staff. VAMP’s arc protection system measures fault current and light via arc sensor channels and should a fault occur, minimises burning time by quickly cutting off the current feeding the arc. Traditional arc protection methods do not provide fast enough protection and short arc burning times are critical, especially when the arc develops during maintenance work on the switchgear, endangering personnel safety and life. The unique arc fault functionality adds a new dimension to the total safety of the installation and the reliability of the power system protection. Secure your assets, the safety of staff and the future of your power system today with VAMP’s ultra-fast arc protection products.
The latest offering from Schneider Electric is the innovative VAMP 321. Combining the reliable technology of the VAMP 50 and 200 series and that of the VAMP 221 arc flash protection system, the VAMP 321 offers a safe and technologically advanced solution for protection and control, in just one product.


ISO-9001-14001 Certificate | zip | 620 KB | Last Changed: 04/02/2019 11:16am

ISO-9001-14001 Certificate valid until 11.2020

VAMP Arc test manual and test sheets with macros | zip | 1.4 MB | Last Changed: 24/04/2015 11:36am

VAMP Arc test manual and test sheets with macros, VARCTEST

IEC61850 Global Logical Node List for VAMP Protection Relays and Arc Protection Units

ANGEN.EN016-IEC61850-Global-Logical-Node-List-for-VAMP-Protection-Relays-and-Arc-Protection-Units.pdf | pdf | 1.4 MB | Last Changed: 23/09/2016 8:32am


Пример Сигнального Листа с GOOSE | zip | 64 KB | Last Changed: 27/07/2015 10:35am

Пример Сигнального Листа с GOOSE

Arc Protection - Declaration of Conformity - EU (ISO/IEC 17050-1)

VDEC161b-EC-DoC-Arc.pdf | pdf | 1016 KB | Last Changed: 28/04/2016 7:56am


VAMP relays - Grounding of RS485 communication cable

ANGEN.EN020-Grounding-of-RS485-communication-cable-in-VAMP-relays.pdf | pdf | 347 KB | Last Changed: 24/05/2016 8:05am


Vamp relays - Dielectric tests during installation and commissioning

ANGEN.EN019-Dielectric-tests-during-installation-and-commissioning-of-VAMP-protection-relays.pdf | pdf | 450 KB | Last Changed: 26/05/2016 9:32am


Restore Calibrations

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VAMP Arc Flash Protection - Testing Manual | zip | 1.4 MB | Last Changed: 08/03/2018 8:00am


Selection Table

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Mounting and Commissioning Manual - Arc

VARC-xx-MC-A007.pdf | pdf | 8.2 MB | Last Changed: 28/05/2014 8:27am

Mounting and Commissioning Manual - Arc


VAMP-Products-overview.pdf | pdf | 19 MB | Last Changed: 28/05/2014 2:59pm


VAMP321 - Solução para sistema de proteção contra arco voltaico

VAMP321-NRJED112411PT-web.pdf | pdf | 1.2 MB | Last Changed: 03/07/2014 1:57pm

VAMP321 - Solução para sistema de proteção contra arco voltaico

V321 - Sistema de Proteção de Arco Elétrico

V321-PT-M-B005.pdf | pdf | 6.8 MB | Last Changed: 03/07/2014 2:02pm

V321 - Sistema de Proteção de Arco Elétrico

VAMP relays - How to configure short circuit fault locator

ANGEN.EN012-How-to-configure-short-circuit-fault-locator.pdf | pdf | 113 KB | Last Changed: 21/10/2014 9:31am